Well maybe not exactly FAQ... but check out these tips!

The DRIVE Bin™ Car Garbage Can Tips

TIP #1: Our new design now features clasps on each end of the bag to securely house the disposable liners! Simply tuck the plastic liner handles underneath the clasps.

TIP #2: This Car Garbage Bag was designed with an adjustable strap that can be buckled to headrests, armrests, door grips, around the center console, you name it!

TIP #3: We have included a starter 20-Pack of disposable liners for your convenience.

TIP #4: With the insulated and leak proof interior, it can also function as a travel cooler to hold snacks & beverages, or anything you might prefer to use it for.

TIP #5: Included inside your bag should be a pair of Sticky Back Velcro strips. This is yet another optional aid for securing the bin against a surface within your vehicle. For example, if you prefer to seat the bin on the floor of your car instead of hanging, it can velcro against the center console or seat fabric.

TIP #6: Some users prefer to hang it around the front passenger headrest - facing forward when driving alone, and swing it around back to make room for a passenger.

DRIVE™ Car Organizer Tips

TIP #1: Adjustable length "tie-down" straps should be included inside your packaging. To use, locate the "D" shaped rings centered on organizer end plates. (one may be slightly hidden between the pockets!) Clip straps to the D-ring and use the "S" shaped end to hook inside the vehicle.

TIP #2: We love using this product as a front seat storage & organizer. To do so, collapse one half inward by folding along the seam like an accordion, and secure it by tucking the horn into the elastic loop at the midpoint. (first remove the bottom base plates so that it folds easily)

TIP #3: Here's how to secure the organizer in your front seat - wrap both tie down straps around the back of the front seat, and hook together them together behind the seat. Adjust the length of the straps for a tighter fit.

TIP #4: Now you can put your cell phone, work stuff, extra keys, travel mugs and water bottles right there in front with you. Of course this only works without a passenger, in which case using the organizer in the backseat or trunk is a nice alternative.

TIP #5: Some possible locations to harness to in your vehicle are: baby car seat anchors, trunk cargo anchors, plastic edges, or miscellaneous nooks and crannies unique to each vehicle.

TIP #6: If you notice any manufacturing smell when opening the organizer from the clear outer packaging, it typically subsides after a day or two. We are continuously working to source as many mild materials as possible during production.

DRIVE™ Car Seat Protector Tips

TIP #1: The DRIVE™ Seat Protector has special neoprene sections added on back to hold and grip against leather and cloth automotive fabrics. We have come up with this material because we believe it performs extraordinary at reducing the Seat Protector from slipping and sliding, especially when compared to alternatives.

TIP #2: On the back of your Seat Protector you will find a round padded bulb. Tuck this into the wedge between the top and bottom sections of your automobile seat, which serves to secure the product into position. This is recommended as the first step when installing.

TIP #3: It also comes with an adjustable length top strap to secure around your headrest. We recommend this as the second step when installing. The reason is because the headrest strap should not be adjusted too tightly in order to avoid tearing. Another benefit of a proper installation is easy access to your vehicle seat belts, aligning with Seat Protector gaps.

TIP #4: If your car does not have headrests for TIP #3, there is a plan B. All new cars are required to have built-in child safety seat latches behind the back seat - it may be possible to latch the Seat Protector headrest strap into this harness.

TIP #5: Made from 100% non-hazardous Oxford 600D fabric and pads, gently wipe down with diluted warm soapy water to clean or refresh.

DRIVE™ Natural Car Air Purifying Bag Tips

TIP #1: Many conventional air fresheners contain dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, petrochemicals, p-dichlorobenzene and aerosol pollutants.

TIP #2: Rather than cover up odors like air fresheners, this Moso Bag actually works to absorb them, along with impurities in the air and excess moisture.

TIP #3: A noticeable change in air quality occurs within a few days, and air can be completely neutralized after about a month within a confined space.

TIP #4: We have included a lanyard with aluminum clasp for your convenience. This can clip to your vehicle air vents, seat headrests, handles, nylon loops, or anchors anywhere you may find in your automobile.

TIP #5: Recharge your Moso Bag every 30 days in sunlight for an hour or more, and each bag can last up to 2 years.

TIP #6: When the bag has reached the end of its useful life, the charcoal contents can be scattered into your garden or landscaping as a natural fertilizer!

DRIVE™ Kick Mat Tips

TIP #1: Your new Kick Mat is fully Reversible! This comes in handy to prolong time between cleaning - flip to the clean side while hiding scuffs in back.

TIP #2: The key to successfully attaching this guard is taking a moment to secure the bungee straps underneath your car's front seat. We know this may seem like an inconvenience, but it's worth it! The alternative is much worse... Competing products strap all the way around the front seat interfering with passengers.

TIP #3: Strapping the Bungees - there is no right or wrong way. But, our preference is look for a rigid edge on the bottom of seat. (clear of the track path used to slide seat fwd/back) Can also hook around floor connection points.

TIP #4: An optional seat wrap-around strap is included. This is the loose black strap packed in your shipment, and snaps onto the D-shaped rings on either edge of the Kick Mat.

TIP #5: Made from 100% non-hazardous PVC tarpaulin. Waterproof; To clean simply wipe or hose down.

DRIVE™ Car Umbrella Tips

TIP #1: Included in the box should be:
(1) Umbrella
(1) Travel Pouch
(1) Molded Rack w/ Rubber Pull Tab
(2) Mounting Straps
(1) Welcome Insert

TIP #2: The umbrella features a push button on the handle grip that is your canopy open and close button.
(Note: If you find it difficult to fully compress your umbrella, the spring may be a little tight and should loosen with use. If still a concern, please feel free to contact us to resolve)

TIP #3: The umbrella features a fail safe "inside out" shape that helps prevent permanent damage to the umbrella frame and fabrics in case of strong winds. If this occurs, simply shake the umbrella firmly one time in the direction of the canopy to pop it back into normal shape.

TIP #4: The umbrella features a wrist strap near the handle grip, and a velcro tab on the outer umbrella fabric to secure the canopy into closed position when not in use.

TIP #5: Of course what you likely will notice stands out about this umbrella is the included custom holder. This is an optional way to store your umbrella in a location that you'll always remember. We realize you could always just set an umbrella in a closet or car trunk, but we think the holder is invaluable for knowing exactly where you umbrella is at all times, while being tucked away neatly.

TIP #6: Included are two adjustable length straps with buckles that run in criss-cross directions. This may look confusing at first. We decided to include more straps than less straps to help accommodate as many mounting locations as possible.

TIP #7: It is very likely that you can successfully mount your holder using a single strap, and/or a shortened version of the strap(s). Feel free to trim the length, and remove one of the two straps if it is only getting in the way.

DRIVE™ Pet Car Seat Cover Tips

TIP #1: The cover is made from a combination of Rugged Fabrics + the Clear PVC fiber reinforced viewing window. We believe when a dog can see you while riding it can make them more comfortable back there!

TIP #2: You will notice (4) large black carabiner clips hooked to grommets near the front of the cover. We have selected this design to offer the strongest and most versatile option available to fit most vehicles. Use the grommet locations that best align with your car's headrests. The clips hook onto your headrest vertical bars.

TIP #3: You will notice an array of Velcro straps along the backside. These help secure the cover firmly in place and from slipping and sliding around your bench seat. They are designed to strap into child safety seat anchor points (the metal rings found in the seat wedge) which come standard in most vehicles.

TIP #4: You will notice a long black strap to secure the rear end of the cover. Wrap this around your back seat headrests as shown in attached diagram, then pull the excess strap length through the clamp. For vehicles that do not have backseat headrests, there's a plan B! This strap can be threaded thru child safety seat anchor locations (as described in Tip #3 above) which are also usually located behind on the back side of the seat.

TIP #5: There are side flaps that can be zipped up to create a cradle style pet hammock. In this configuration, it serves as added protection for your vehicle's interior door panels. Alternatively, these flaps can be unzipped allowing them to lay down around the sides of your seat for extra wide protection.

TIP #6: Finally, you will notice corner tie-downs about the size of shoelaces. These are provided to help keep the back corners from flopping down, by tying the laces to a seat belt or anything you can find nearby such as a grab handle, etc.

DRIVE™ Tire Pressure Gauge

TIP #1: You will notice the tip on the end of the hose (called the "chuck") has two sides. Simply put, it's two different sizes to be compatible with as many tire stems as possible including cars, bikes, or larger tractor tires.

TIP #2: The hose should swivel at the "stem" which is the brass piece that extends up from the rubber housing. If your swivel feels stuck, don't be afraid to use some force to break it free. (this should only be required 1x after receiving)

TIP #3: On the side of the brass stem is a "quick release" button used to let air out from the previously stored reading. Also, you can rapidly reduce air pressure from an over-inflated tire by fitting the chuck over your tire stem and pressing the "quick release" button.

TIP #4: This gauge is calibrated to meet the highest accuracy standards of ANSI B40.1 "Grade B". What this means is that Grade B standards require the greatest level of measurement accuracy needed for useful air readings. The only higher accuracy standard is "Grade A" typically only used in liquid or gas gauges.

TIP #5: Of course the DRIVE™ custom case is yours to keep. Hopefully it helps to keep your gauge looking new for years to come!

DRIVE™ Baby Mirror for Rear Facing Car Seats

TIP #1: You will notice a "remove plastic coating before use" sticker. This mirror is manufactured under tight controls to deliver a crystal clear reflection, and is finished with a thin protective sheet to maintain its quality. Please peel it off before using.

TIP #2: To remove the plastic coating, gently lift up the soft fabric underneath the DRIVE baby logo to expose the edge of the acrylic. Peel back from top edge and remove. (Please find a visual aid attached to this email)

TIP #3: Your new Rear Facing Car Baby Mirror is made from a shatterproof premium acrylic. Rest assured any hard contact or damage to mirror will not result in dangerous glass fragments.

TIP #4: A great dual use for the DRIVE™ Baby Mirror is in the crib! We've noticed children really get a joy out of seeing their reflection right next to their Lion or Giraffe buddy.

DRIVE™ Car Windshield Shade Tips

Tip #1: The core material used in making this product is called Tyvek® by DuPont. In our opinion it is an Amazing, well-engineered material! From all of our testing, it out performs traditional nylon shades in UV reflective properties, strength, and weight. It costs a lot more too, to use this Tyvek in the construction of this shade.

Tip #2: Your new windshield shade was custom made to include white Velcro strips on each upper corner. Also included are 2 matching strips in the package.

For best results follow these steps in order: clean windshield, cut loose velcro strips to desired size, connect fuzzy+scratchy sides together on shade, remove sticky backing, then apply entire shade against windshield in the location best suited to fit your vehicle.

Tip #3: This sunshade was designed to be able to withstand collapsing back down to the miniature size that it was shipped to you for easy storage in the travel pouch. Attached is an informative visual aid that demonstrates folding. (this can also be found online at Drive and Win it you cannot open by email)

Tip #4: If your sunshade arrives with some wrinkling of the Tyvek® fabric due to shipping and packaging, or with a new material scent, both tend to dissipate quickly over time.

DRIVE™ Car Window Roller Shade Tips

TIP #1: Your new side window shade was designed with different mounting options, and we hope you find the way that fits best for you and your vehicle. Please find a guide attached to this email.

BONUS: As part of our commitment to finding new, fun, and exciting product features we are now including a Door Frame Tab attachment option. This is included in the product kit on a test basis.

TIP #2: For best adhesion of suction cups and tabs clean all surfaces beforehand (rubbing alcohol works great). If over time your suction cups come out of form, try boiling them for a few minutes. The suction cups are easily removed from the window surface by pulling their small release tab.

TIP #3: IMPORTANT When Retracting The Window Shade please use care while pressing the side release button by gently guiding it back to the rolled position. Uncontrolled Release may result in shade deformation and damage.