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DRIVE™ Car Garbage Can FAQs

How do I change liners in my Drive Bin Car Garbage Can? 

Our new design now features clasps on each end of the bag to securely house the disposable liners! Simply tuck the plastic liner handles underneath the clasps.

Where can I attach the garbage can?

This car garbage can was designed with an adjustable strap that can be buckled to headrests, armrests, door grips, around the center console, you name it!

What if I need more disposable trash can liners?

We have included a starter 20-Pack of disposable liners for your convenience. Should you need more trash can liners, our 40-pack is the best value out there!

Are there any other ways to use the car garbage can?

With the insulated and leak proof interior, it can also function as a travel cooler to hold snacks & beverages, or anything you might prefer to use it for.

Are there other ways to secure the garbage bin in my car?

Included inside your bag should be a pair of Sticky Back Velcro strips. This is yet another optional aid for securing the bin against a surface within your vehicle. For example, if you prefer to seat the bin on the floor of your car instead of hanging, it can velcro against the center console or seat fabric.


DRIVE™ Kick Mat FAQs

Can I use the opposite side of the kick mat?

Your new Kick Mat is fully Reversible! This comes in handy to prolong time between cleaning - flip to the clean side while hiding scuffs in back.

How do I install the kick mat?

The key to successfully attaching this guard is taking a moment to secure the bungee straps underneath your car's front seat. We know this may seem like an inconvenience, but it's worth it! The alternative is much worse... Competing products strap all the way around the front seat interfering with passengers.

How do I attach the bungee straps?

Strapping the Bungees - there is no right or wrong way. But, our preference is  to look for a rigid edge on the bottom of the seat. (clear of the track path used to slide seat fwd/back) Can also hook around floor connection points.

Are there any other ways to install the kick mat?

An optional seat wrap-around strap is included. This is the loose black strap packed in your shipment, and snaps onto the D-shaped rings on either edge of the Kick Mat.

How do I clean the kick mat?

Made from 100% non-hazardous PVC tarpaulin. Waterproof; To clean simply wipe or hose down.


DRIVE™ Car Umbrella FAQs

What’s included with my car umbrella?

Included in the box should be:

(1) Umbrella

(1) Travel Pouch

(1) Molded Rack w/ Rubber Pull Tab

(2) Mounting Straps

(1) Welcome Insert

How do I open and close my car umbrella?

The umbrella features a push button on the handle grip that is your canopy open and close button. (Note: If you find it difficult to fully compress your umbrella, the spring may be a little tight and should loosen with use. If still a concern, please feel free to contact us to resolve)

My car umbrella turned inside out, how do I fix it?

The umbrella features a fail safe "inside out" shape that helps prevent permanent damage to the umbrella frame and fabrics in case of strong winds. If this occurs, simply shake the umbrella firmly one time in the direction of the canopy to pop it back into normal shape.

Are there any convenient ways to stow away my umbrella?

The umbrella features a wrist strap near the handle grip, and a velcro tab on the outer umbrella fabric to secure the canopy into closed position when not in use. Of course what you likely will notice stands out about this umbrella is the included custom holder. This is an optional way to store your umbrella in a location that you'll always remember. We realize you could always just set an umbrella in a closet or car trunk, but we think the holder is invaluable for knowing exactly where your umbrella is at all times, while being tucked away neatly.

Why are there straps on my car umbrella?

Included are two adjustable length straps with buckles that run in criss-cross directions. This may look confusing at first. We decided to include more straps than less straps to help accommodate as many mounting locations as possible. It is very likely that you can successfully mount your holder using a single strap, and/or a shortened version of the strap(s). Feel free to trim the length, and remove one of the two straps if it is only getting in the way.


DRIVE™ Truck Cargo Net FAQs

How can I add extra security to my cargo net?

Add some extra security to your cargo net by adding a couple of bungee cords. These can help tie down the load. Additional anchors will add to the security, keeping everything from sliding around.

Can I use two cargo nets for added strength and security?

Yes, you can always double up on truck box cargo nets if you require an extra hold. Simply strap the load down with the first cargo net, then add a second cargo net at an angle for additional strength. Double the strength and security!

Are the cargo nets waterproof?

No, however if you consider coating your net with a spray-on waterproofing solution it can be. This will add to the durability of the material, protecting it from humidity and rain while in use. Just keep in mind, this won’t make your cargo impervious to the elements.