About Us

Founded in Creativity

Started from a few simple ideas around what was missing during a car ride, DRIVE™ Auto Products began mocking up solutions to some common everyday vehicle cabin nuisances.
For instance, why was it that no matter how hard we tried to keep paper receipts and wrappers off the floors and cup holder they somehow reappeared a few days later?  

How come our children had the irresistible desire to put their boots on the back the seats as if there was kick me sign posted there?

Why is my child car seat leaving deep indents in my leather seat?  

And, from there a few of our favorite products were born!  After posting online at eBay and Amazon to see if anybody else agreed with the need for better interior auto accessories, we found that we were not alone in our desire to improve the driving experience.

Results thru Engineering

With a company founder who has been molded by the study and practice in the sciences of engineering it's hard not to look at something without thinking, "hmm how can that be improved?"

And so many others we talk to and work with are all likeminded in this way, and probably even you to!  It is our nature to not only think up new products for the car, but to look at those already on the market with an eye towards new features and improvements.

It is our mission and goal to separate from the competition by developing superior designs and unique features for our interior accessories.  We do this by prototyping, testing, stitching, cutting, (you name it!) in our cars, and design studio until we feel like there's a product ready for the DRIVE label.

Perfection by Iteration

Well, maybe our designs aren't perfect but the pursuit of perfection is fueled by new iterations and ideas that stem from you - our customers.  

And many times an opening design comes from sifting through piles of customer reviews and word mouth about existing products.  "This accessory would be very useful, if not for [blank]".  So our first design might already be an attempt at improvement, and is an iteration in itself!

We want to bring you the very best and smartest ideas to the automotive accessory today. We passionately pursue creating the best version of whatever that is.

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