Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips


Depending on what part of the country you live in, driving in the winter is a whole different ball game than in the summer. There's the freezing cold weather, snow, and ice to deal with, plus additional car maintenance issues that you may not normally have during the summer. Since driving in the winter can be dangerous if you're not prepared, make sure that you take a proactive approach to it beforehand. Here's what you should be doing:


Take Your Car to Get Serviced Before Winter


You want to start off the winter with your car in optimal condition, so make sure that you take it to get serviced before the winter season starts. The last thing that you want is for your car to break down or for the brakes or something else to stop working correctly while you're on the road during the winter. Get it serviced, where the tire pressure, brakes, engine, and other vital car parts will be checked. Also, this is something you should do on your own, which is to make sure there's enough antifreeze for your windshield.


Watch Your Acceleration and Deceleration


During the winter, you shouldn't be going as fast as you would during the summer anyway and should really need to pay attention to the speed limits. In particular, besides avoiding speeding, you should always accelerate and decelerate gradually. Many times, it's what you can't see on the road during the winter that sends your car swerving, such as the infamous "black ice."


Get Special Winter Tires


This is dependent on the type of car that you have, but if you live in an area that usually gets plenty of snowfall or experiences icy conditions during the winter, make sure to get special winter tires for the season. You can't put a price on safety!


Clean Off the Snow


If you're about to drive, clean off all of the snow on your vehicle. This means not just cleaning the windshield, the mirrors, and the doors. You also need to clear the roof of any snow. Having a large chunk of snow fall off your roof onto your windshield while you're driving is not only scary, it's downright dangerous.



Proper precautions have to be taken when driving in the winter, as the road conditions in an icy and snowy climate can be extremely dangerous. While ideally you'd be able to avoid a snowy road, sometimes you don't have a choice. Have a safe winter!


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