The Expansion of The DRIVE Bin™ Product Lineup

The Expansion of The DRIVE Bin™ Product Lineup

The DRIVE Bin™ As Seen On TV, one of Drive Auto Product's most popular items, has been newly expanded to include all new offerings!

The product that changed the way that people store their trash in their car is now available in the following versions:

  • An All-New Black Strap 2-Pack
  • An All-New Pink Strap
  • An All-New Green Strap
  • An All-New DRIVE Bin™ XL


The DRIVE Bin™ Black Strap 2-Pack

First, The DRIVE Bin™ Black Strap 2-Pack brings double the cleaning capacity and double the versatility. If you have a large SUV, an extremely roomy interior, or generally tend to have multiple passengers in your vehicle, having two of the Drive Bins will make sure that all of your trash can be easily thrown away. You can place one of them in the backseat row and another up front!


The DRIVE Bin™ Pink Strap and Green Strap Versions

 These two new strap color offerings will give you a better selection to choose from, along with our regular black strap version. Both the pink and green are quite vibrant and rich and will definitely make your Drive Bin standout. Having more options to choose from is always better.  Ride in style!



Our all-new The Drive Bin™ XL takes everything that's great about our original Drive Bin and makes it bigger! This large capacity model has more width and depth and is able to perfectly hold the same size plastic bags that you get at the grocery store.


Besides expanding the amount of trash that you can throw away, The Drive Bin™ XL also can be used as a car cooler. This makes it perfect for road trips, since you'll be able to store various beverages and snacks due its large storage space! It also happens to come with a free 10-piece starter pack of custom size and print disposable liners.


So if you tend to accumulate a lot of trash in your car or own a large vehicle, The Drive Bin™ XL would be perfect for you. Better yet, it has an extremely affordable price compared to our regular version.


At Drive Auto Products, we're always looking to improve our product offerings and are extremely excited with our expansion of The Drive Bin™ product line! Make sure to visit our Shop store to learn more about what we have to offer at: http://driveautoproducts.com/collections/the-drive-bin

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