The DRIVE™ Car Window Shade is a Game-Changer!

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Drive Auto Products's all-new DRIVE™ Car Window Shade White Reflection Series proves that not all car window shades are created equal!

Offering a dynamic blend of visibility, glare reduction, cooling, and style. the DRIVE™ Car Window Shade stands out from the crowd while  provides quality of life improvements that simply can't be matched.

Here's what makes the DRIVE™ Car Window Shade better than all the rest:


The Perfect Balance of Shade and Visibility

Thanks to the two-sided appearance of the DRIVE™ Car Window Shade, with its thermodynamic color scheme and optimum screen ratio, you'll experience the perfect blend of:

  • Shade
  • Privacy
  • Glare Protection
  • Visibility

The outside of the DRIVE™ Car Window Shade consists of a reflective white outer panel, with just the right amount of light blocking pores. Its high density PVC reflects the sunlight and provides shade, while also providing privacy. From the inside, its interior black panels draws out the heat, keeps the car cool, and reduces glare. It's a winning combination.

Whether you're driving on a scorching hot day in the middle of the summer or dealing with snow vision blindness in the winter months, the DRIVE™ Car Window Shade has you covered.


A Breeze to Install and Remove

The  DRIVE™ Car Window Shade, featuring lightweight 20”x12” screens, fits over 99% of vehicles due to its large, universal size. Installing it is as easy as can be, with its use of static to cling to windows under all weather conditions. During the winter, be sure to wet it to ensure max adhesion.

When you longer need the DRIVE™ Car Window Shade, simply fold it up and store it in the INCLUDED Oxford storage pouch!


High-Quality Materials and Appearance

Rather than make the DRIVE™ Car Window Shade with thin mesh materials, as many other companies do, Drive Auto Products didn't want to cut corners. The DRIVE™ Car Window Shade White Reflection Series consists of:

  • Ultra Premium Fabric
  • Premium Synthetic Fiber
  • Specially-engineered Dense Polymers
  • Lightweight, Yet Quality, Material

Plus, its subtle appearance and clean lines mimics OEM luxury car privacy screens, ensuring that  your car will continue to look stylish!


Available in a special 2-pack, you can find the DRIVE™ Car Window Shade White Reflection Series available for purchase at


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  • Gerard

    I purchased one set back in March, for my new 2018 Ford C-Max. Fits perfectly and keeps the back seats cool. I recently purchased two more for the front when my car is parked here for hours in the south central Florida sun.

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