The All-New 2019 Drive Auto Products Car Seat Protector is Almost Here

Never a company to rest on its laurels, Drive Auto Products has been working tirelessly on the all-new updated 2019 Drive Auto Products Car Seat Protector. "What we've done is take all of the best features from past models and added brand-new adjustments to make this an even better product. The result? It'll be the most universal car seat protector on the market" as said by the lead designer 

Here's what has been added to the all-new next generation 2019 Drive Auto Products Car Seat Protector:


A Tubular Retaining Tongue

 We've added a brand-new tubular retaining tongue that can slide between your seats. This allows for even yet another point of contact with the car seat protector and your car seats, which means that the car seat protector: 

  • Will keep from pulling loose, especially while you're driving
  • Won't slip from side-to-side

This concept is not entirely new, however the thick tubular retaining pad has better grab and retention into the seat crack.



Polyurethane Synthetic Leather Non-Slip Backing Sections

 Another addition that you can expect are entirely new polyurethane synthetic leather non-slip backing sections. They're:

  • Fabric friendly to all auto interiors
  • Guaranteed not to stain or scratch your car upholstery
  • Made to grip and grab a wide range of car interior materials from cloth, leather, vinyl to faux leather.


Removable Side Wings

 For those who want to extend their coverage of the Car Seat Protector, removable side wings are also included. For example, if someone prefers to cover the area beyond where a person or pet would normally be seated, or if the car seat is holding a wide object, these side wings would guarantee more comprehensive protection. Best of all, a velcro connection point means that they can be easily removed or put on in just seconds.



Bungee Under Seat

  The more points of contact with the auto interior the better, right?  Yes we think so too.  It has been pesky problem amongst this product niche on how to secure universal seat covers in an easy to install way, where it stays put as much as possible.  We've come up with a totally unique method as it relates to seat protectors, by adding a front end bungee that stretches under the vehicle seat or to the car floor.



 Four Corner Square Armor

 Finally, Drive Auto Products has updated the 2019 Car Seat Protector with revamped four corner square armor that's made from a special form of synthetic leather that's far more heat resistant in comparison to plastics or fabrics. For those extra hot summer days, you don't have to worry about fading or cracking in the material. With an eye on aesthetics, we've made sure that these armor sections are comprised of luxurious PU leather that's both visually-pleasing and soft to the touch.


  To learn more about the all-new 2019 Drive Auto Products Car Seat Protector, make sure to visit http://driveautoproducts.com/

 Here's a little more of a sneak peak of the what's ahead.


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