Seat Covers for Pets

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Automobile Back Seat Covers for Pets


For anyone who is a pet lover, surely you're aware that they pretty much become a part of your family. Unfortunately, while taking our pet with us everywhere seems like a good idea, there can be instances in which it can cause a lot of headache. One such instance is bringing your pet with you in your automobile.

Thankfully, there are products out there that can help you out. If you haven't heard of pet car seat covers, you should, as once you use them for your pet, you'll never want to be without one again. Here are some of the benefits that they can provide:


Protect Your Vehicle From Damage

One of the main benefits that pet seat covers can provide is that they can protect your car from pet-related damage. Many pet seat covers completely cover the entire seat, including the back of it, as well as the seat in front of it ,through attachments. For example, if you place a pet seat cover in the back seat, you wouldn't have to worry about your dog scratching the back of the driver's seat.


Avoid Liquid Damage If Your Pet Has an Accident

 This one is especially true if you have a puppy! A pet seat cover fully protects the seat and the floor from any damage should your pet decide to, ahem, go to the bathroom while you're driving. That's because many of them are entirely waterproof. You will no longer have to worry about troublesome stains that can ruin the leather and/or cloth seats and fabric inside of your car.


Less Hair Cleanup

 Even yet another benefit of a pet seat cover is that it can contain any hair shedding and/or dandruff from your pet. Not only is this a hygienic issue, but it also will be extremely useful if you or someone else has any pet-related allergies. A pet seat cover can be easily washed and placed back in the car for future use.


Protects the Driver

 Lastly, a pet seat cover can also protect the driver. You no longer have to worry about your dog getting excited in the back seat and jumping to the front of the car. If this occurs, it can certainly startle you or impair your vision, which could lead to an accident. Many pet seat covers come with an attachable transparent window that you can place as a buffer between the backseat and the front.

So if you've decided to purchase a pet seat cover, the one created by Drive Auto Products ™ has all of the above features and more, including a Dual Passenger mode!


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