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#1 Car Trash Can by ProductAdvisor

The DRIVE Bin™ Has Been Named the #1 Car Trash Can by ProductAdvisor!

After reviewing over 60 of the best trash cans available, ProductAdvisor.com, a popular independent 3rd party review site, has recently named The DRIVE Bin™ as the top car trash can in the market today! We already knew we had the most popular car trash can available, evident in The DRIVE Bin™ being the #1 best-selling trash can on Amazon.com, but it's nice to know that the countless hours put into crafting our signature product have been recognized!

ProductAdvisor.com Screenshot

Here are the reasons why ProductAdvisor came to their decision:

  1. It's the Most Functional

One of the things that impressed ProductAdvisor was that The DRIVE Bin™ listened to the needs of consumers and provided the most functional features in comparison to the competition. Besides having a perfectly-sized waste basket for everyone's junk food and beverage needs, The DRIVE Bin™ also is comprised of poly-nylon material that's completely waterproof. Plus it can even be used as a cooler! Thats' what we call practicality! 

  1. No More Lingering Smells

With The DRIVE Bin™, lingering smells and a frustrating cleaning process are things of the past! While other car trash cans tend to use non-disposable liners, The DRIVE Bin™ simply uses   your everyday trash bags. You can feel free to reuse your grocery bags, which is definitely more environmentally-friendly, and when your bin becomes full, simply take out the bag and replace it! 

  1. It Checked Off Every Feature From Their List

 The DRIVE Bin™ also happened to satisfy every feature on ProductAdvisor's checklist, which consisted of it being:

  • Compact
  • Spacious enough for a large amount of trash
  • Durable
  • Leakproof
  • Easy to clean

The added features, such as the full-cover Velcro lid and side pockets were just icing on the cake. Did we mention that The DRIVE Bin™ is available for UNDER $20? No wonder it topped the list!


You can view ProductAdvisor's write-up at https://productadvisor.com/best-car-trash-can/.

The DRIVE™ Bin Collection from DRIVE™ Auto Products can be viewed here: http://driveautoproducts.com/collections/the-drive-bin