Maximize Your Car Storage with a Car Trunk Organizer

by DTC Thrasio

Summer has landed. The sun is out. It’s time to get outside, get in your car, and go to your next vacation destination with your kids. Or your dog. Or both. Or neither. But while you’re revving up to go, ask yourself: is your car revved up to go, or is it filled with clutter? 

More importantly, is your trunk filled with random junk you have no other space for (or, in my case, approximately 8 accumulated winter jackets and an inexplicable amount of magazines)?

If you said yes to any of those hypotheticals, I am about to make your whole day (and if you said no, I still might make your day with my charisma alone, so stay with me). 

Here it is: Car trunk organizers. That’s right. Your trunk is about to go from a cluttered disaster to a storage space so tidy it will make Marie Kondo rethink everything she has ever told us about tidiness. 

Car trunk organizers are super useful, foldable boxes that allow you to keep all of your miscellaneous items in check, while also giving you room to store your suitcases for your next day trip or big vacation. They make my car look great and make me look like a stable and put-together person, so it is truly the epitome of form meeting function. 

I’m sure you have a lot of questions. I did too. So, just as the car organizer I’m plugging neatly compiles all of your detritus, I too have neatly compiled the most common questions people ask about car trunk organizers

Are Trunk Organizers Worth It?

Yes! Maybe you missed my bit about Marie Kondo. That’s fine, I also skim through most articles. But, they’re a huge bang for your buck - most car trunk organizers aren’t more than $30 and provide you with several extra gallons of storage space to put (literally) whatever you want into. 

Still not convinced? Imagine you’re driving, and how peaceful it is. Now imagine that peace is disrupted by several water bottles and old boxes clunking into each other in the trunk. Horrible, right? 

Well, imagine the scenario again. Now imagine you have a car trunk organizer, and notice how your peace is no longer disrupted by intrusive sound, because all of your water bottles and boxes are neatly stored. Isn’t that nice? Do you see what I’m saying here? It’s worth it. 

What is the Best Car Trunk Organizer

I’m so glad you asked. Now that everyone is trying to get out of their house this summer, I think it’s safe to say that these useful storage helpers are in high demand. But with a sea of car trunk organizers out there, it’s easy to get inconsolably overwhelmed. Fear not, for I am here. Let me guide you to the best one so you don’t even have to google it. 

The DRIVE Car Trunk Organizer is absolutely the way to go. It can hold up to 17 gallons of dry storage, it comes in multiple colors (to make sure your trunk stays stylish), and includes straps to keep it in place for even the bumpiest of rides. It’s also foldable, in case you need that extra storage space for some suitcases or boxes.

Trunk space a non-issue for you? No problem. This car organizer can also fit in most back seats to make your day trip that much tidier. If you need even more space, grab two and attach them together with the added clips! 

How Do I Organize My Trunk? 

Usually when we’re trying to clean out our trunk, it’s to make more storage space for a big trip. Whether you’re planning what to pack for a road trip, or just looking to make some room, there are many things you can do. 

Aside from getting one of these handy organizers, there are several things you can find that will make your trunk go from cluttered to clean. Buy some hooks to hang on the back of your seat to keep those pesky miscellaneous wires and plugs out of the way.

Consider also getting a tupperware container for any items that don’t fit in your car trunk organizer (though I can’t imagine that being a huge issue, as the organizer I linked above is pretty big).

What Should I Keep in My Trunk Organizer?

The world is your oyster in the world of trunk car organization. But, if that’s too much to think about, I have some great suggestions for you. 

I don’t have kids, but from what I gather having them means getting a lot of cheerios in every possible crevice of your car. This portable car vacuum is the champion of sucking up cereal, and also any other thing you spill. It’s also great for animal hair, in case you decide to take your furry friend out on the town.

Keeping this in your car trunk organizer is a sure-fire way to keep your car so clean, Marie Kondo will be like, “Is this my car? It must be, because it’s so clean!” (but, you know, in Japanese). 

This one is self explanatory for anyone who has ever been caught in the rain sans umbrella. If you’re like me and never remember to bring an umbrella anywhere at any time, it’s always good to have an extra in your trunk. Plus, it’s super sleek and durable, so you’ll be caught in neither rain nor fashion faux pas. 

  • Liners for Your Car Trash Can

No, I’m not making the assumption that you already have a trash can in your car. I’m about to suggest a good one for you. Be patient. I just figured putting a trash can on this list would be weird, because no one has a trash can in their trunk. You should put these liners in your car trunk organizer though, because if you do get a very sleek car trash can with straps like this one, you’ll need them. 

As Abraham Lincoln might have said if he was alive in the 2020s, “A big journey starts with a clean trunk”. And now that you have that, dear reader, you can do anything. So get out there, save your storage space, and have fun. 

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor

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