Introducing the 2017 Car Seat Protector Deluxe

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Introducing the 2017 Car Seat Protector Deluxe

The 2016 Car Seat Protector that Drive Auto Products released last year proved to be one of the most popular products in the lineup. That's no surprise considering the wide variety of benefits that it provides to car owners, such as protecting the seats of a vehicle against:

  • General wear and tear from a child car seat
  • Liquid damage and various spills
  • Scratches

This made the DRIVE™ Car Seat Protector perfect for use with children's car child seats, or for a softer ride for you, and/or your dogs, thanks to its deluxe thick padding and non-slip backing, among other features. But while the 2016 version of the Car Seat Protector was already fantastic in and of itself, we improved it even more with the 2017 Car Seat Protector Deluxe.

Here are some of the ways the deluxe version stands out:


Protects Your Vehicle from Indentations

The 2017 model of the Car Seat Protector has been designed to make sure that there are no indentations that result from the use of a car seat. That's thanks to the base plates that are now featured in it, which provide better resistance and more of a buffer between the car seat and anything that's on it.  It spreads out the force from sharp pointy edges across a larger surface area to better protect from indentations.


Enhances Overall Fabric Protection

The addition of side flaps also provides more comprehensive fabric protection for your vehicle. This helps to better ensure that any spills, dirt, or pet nails don't end up damaging the fabric. Plus, these side flaps are so comfortable that they seamlessly blend in with the rest of the car seat.


Designed Not to Slide

The 2017 Car Protector Deluxe has also been designed so that there's absolutely no sliding or shifting of the mat. The way that the sliding and shifting is prevented is through attaching the deluxe edition's new velcro straps, which have an adjustable length, to the metal anchors of the car seat.


Preserves Your Interior

Even yet another benefit of the 2017 Car Protector Deluxe is that it also can extend the life of your interior. The fact that it includes a head rest attachment strap and has non-slip backing means that the back of the car seat won't get worn down through friction.

Make sure to visit Drive Auto Products today to check out the the 2017 Car Protector Deluxe!

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