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How to keep your car cool for your kids when the weather is hot

Keeping The Car Cool When the Weather is Hot 

We all know that the child car seat is a must! It increases safety in a case of a crush, kids can’t go out and do trouble and they give us great feeling of safety as well. Car seat protector are extremely effective in such cases. But, what happens when the weather is extremely hot out? Kids can suffer in extremely hot conditions, especially if you need to ride more than 1 kid and your dog.

Obviously we don’t mean to give you some obvious tips like turning on the A/C or opening the window, but we will talk about some other tips like blocking the sun and keeping your child hydrated.

Tint the windows

The sun can be blocked and if you block it you’ve done half the job of stopping the hit getting in your car. Getting the car windows tinted will save a lot of hustle for you because it will block the harmful UV radiation. Also, the glass is also protected and the probability of it crushing will be low.

Another great option is getting reflective sunshades and putting them on front and at the back. But obviously this are only when you are not driving!


The color of the car is important

If you leave in an area with many hot days during the year, then consider buying lighter car. This is because the light colored car will stay significantly cooler than the darker ones. Especially if it is a car with white interior. This means using white car seat protector and child car seat.


Cooling Towels Can Also Be Helpful

If you keep the child’s body temperature at normal levels, then they will not feel or suffer from the heat. That is why using cooling towels is one of the best options when the weather is extremely cold. However, use it over the child’s clothes. Another interesting option is spraying cool water from bottles. The weather can keep their temperature at low levels.


Use Car Seat Sunshade

There are child car seats with car seat sunshade. In that case, the sunshade serves as a great sun car seat protector besides maintaining its safety function. They’ll practically block any sunlight or UV coming to your kid and keep them cool. The important thing you must check, is whether the kid is getting air underneath the sunshade. Some producers can make mistakes and make the sunshade so sturdy that they will let very little air through the sunshade.

If you have a dog on top of all that, you can keep it cool with the towels or simply not letting any sun getting to it.


Final Views

These tips will help you prevent any discomfort or health problems to your kids no matter the age. The child car seat will always be put to minimum heat exposure. No more being afraid that your toddler is too hot, or kid’s crying at the back and complaining how it is too hot.