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How to Get Odors Out of Your Car

How to Get Odors Out of Your Car


Car odors are a terrible thing. You may be able to stand them, but your passengers probably won't. There are many different reasons why these smells can linger in your car, but your main concern now may be with how to get rid of them permanently. Look no further. The following DIY guide will help having your car smelling fresh again in no time.


Vacuum Your Car With Baking Soda


No, we don't mean to literally vacuum your car by using baking soda. That wouldn't be physically possible! What we mean is to sprinkle baking soda on your car carpet or any other areas where you spilt something. Leave the baking soda on for one or two hours and then vacuum the area up. The baking soda will absorb the smells. Of course, it's recommended that you regularly vacuum the inside of your car, since you'd be surprised at how many odors can be trapped in the fabric.


Check for Hidden Trash


Some of the trash in your car that may be causing the odor may not be obvious at first. Give a thorough inspection of your car, including checking under each seat, in the trunk, and so forth. Old food or trash can lodge itself in the oddest places!


Steam Clean Your Car


Steam cleaning your car is another viable option, especially if the other options have not worked. Use a special shampoo and steam cleaner to clean all of the carpets of the car, as that will not only get rid of most odors, but also any stains that may be present as well!


Use a Special Kind of Air Freshener


We're not talking about a regular air freshener, but if you use an environmentally friendly odor eliminator, this will be a more long-term solution to removing any lingering odors in your car. Moso Bamboo activated charcoal has incredible odor eliminating properties that are a great size and capacity to handle medium sized vehicle odors.


Car odors can be extremely disconcerting, but the above tips should help your car smelling fresh (though we can't promise that irreplaceable "new car smell").