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Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Halloween Safety and Driving

Halloween is a holiday that is not just for kids. Countless numbers of adults and children throughout the country love Halloween, and whether you're dressing up or not, there are still some safety tips that you need to be aware of when it comes to driving:


Don't Wear a Mask if You're Driving

 If you're on the way to a Halloween party and already dressed up in your full costume, that's great! Just make sure that you don't wear your mask or anything else that could compromise your vision while driving. While wearing a mask may seem like a good idea, your peripheral vision and so forth could be affected. It's better to be safe than sorry.


Watch Out For Trick or Treaters

No matter where you're driving on Halloween, always make sure to watch out for trick or treaters. Many of the children tend to cross the road without looking both ways, and some even will suddenly run across it. Plus, some of the costumes can make it even harder to spot the person. Drive slow, follow the speed limit, pull into your driveway slowly, and be on alert, especially in a residential area. One of the prime times for trick or treaters are between the hours of 4 pm to 9 pm, so keep that in mind.


Make Sure Your Kids Follow a Set Route

 If you have a kid or kids of your own, make sure that they know to follow a certain trick or treat route. They should always stick to sidewalks and avoid any areas that don't have one. Children should also only walk through areas that they're familiar with, with multiple friends, and with a clear curfew that's set.


 Hope you have a Happy Halloween. Stay safe, have fun, and get creative!