Caring for the Interior of Your Car

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Most people naturally assume that taking care of their car predominantly means taking care of its exterior, with an oil change thrown in here and there for good measure. But in actuality, while it's obviously not seen as often as the exterior, the interior of your vehicle should also be cared for just as much, perhaps even more so.


Taking care of the interior of your car means that you'll never have to offer the old "Please don't mind the mess; I've been busy" excuse whenever someone sits in your car for the first time and it's full of trash. Plus, it also preserves the value of your vehicle since fixing torn seating and damaged parts in its interior can be a much more costly process and complicated process than with the exterior.


While there are many different ways that you can take care of the interior of your car, such as vacuuming it regularly, using special fabric upholstery (and possibly leather upholstery as well) to get rid of stains, wiping down the windows, and using a special protectant to prevent color damage against the sun and its UV rays, there's one main step that you can take right now


So What's the Main Thing That You Should Do?


It's actually pretty simple: don't litter! Too many people litter their car with trash, be it empty soda cans, empty sandwich wrappers, finished coffee cups, or other disposable items. After all, it's pretty easy to say, "Oh, I'll throw it away later." But you don't. Not until it's too late and your car is smelly, full of trash, and perhaps even full of stains. Plus, stuff may even be growing on it...


The solution is to get a specially-designed car trash bin for litter.  Having a small garbage can designed specifically to be placed in a vehicle, including being able to be placed or hanged everywhere, with special disposable liners, means that you'll have no excuse ever again to throw trash in the backseat or in the passenger's seat.


Trust us, your car (and sanity) will thank you!  

The DRIVE Bin - Be Clutter Free!

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