AsSeenOnTV.pro Launches DRTV Campaign with DRIVE Auto Products

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St. Petersburg, FL July 06, 2016

AsSeenOnTV.pro, its Product Managers and Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks from hit reality series Shark Tank, are pleased to announce the launch of a new DRTV campaign with Drive Auto Products.

The Drive Bin is a versatile container that keeps your car clean, free from trash and clutter. It features custom sized liners that fit perfectly in and around the bin; they're also easy to remove and dispose of. The Drive Bin comes in multiple color strap variations and can be mounted in different locations around the car. The Drive Bin can also be used as a cooler, being leak proof and insulated.

Leading with the huge success of its automotive garbage can line, Drive specializes in innovative and feature-rich popular vehicle accessories including seat protectors, tire maintenance tools, cargo organizers, and more. Headquartered in Michigan, their distribution and warehouse channels extend worldwide with thousands of units sold weekly. Becoming a recognized leader with a global online presence Drive Auto Products are now sold in Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and the USA.

As part of its DRTV campaign with AsSeenOnTV.pro, Drive Auto Products will be appearing in 30 and 60 second spots set to air nationwide and feature the original Shark himself, Kevin Harrington. AsSeenOnTV.pro is comprised of an award-winning team of producers, writers, videographers, and editors as well as industry veterans dedicated to finding the latest, most innovative products and ideas, and putting them on the DRTV map. For more information on Drive Auto Products, please visit http://www.driveautoproducts.com.

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