A Look Inside the Drive Bin™ XL

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The Drive Bin™ XL is a bigger and better version of Drive Auto Products' best-selling Drive Bin™, and one of the reasons that it has become so successful, in addition to its +plus size, is because of some additional unique design features.


Here's a look inside what makes the Drive Bin™ XL so special:

  1. Lightweight Frame

The Drive Bin™ XL has a very lightweight frame that provides great balance between durability and light ease of use.  This is accomplished using a tubular frame design reinforcement along load bearing seams.  Now with a rounded bottom which takes advantage of round arch design concepts made popular by ancient Roman architecture.


  1. It Comes With Extras

Every Drive Bin™ XL comes with a 10-piece starter pack that contains our Drive Bin™ XL liners that feature our logo print on semi-disposable recycle insert bags. They're also made with a special HDPE material for optimum strength and tear resistance. So go ahead and toss anything you want inside without worrying!


  1. Grocery-Bag Friendly

 Our patented Drive Bin™ XL side clamps on each end means that you'll be able to use your disposable grocery bags with the Drive Bin™ XL. We've made sure that they're an exact fit for the standard-sized bags that supermarkets use!


  1. An Adaptable Lid

The Drive Bin™ XL has a lid that can be left open for easy disposal access, while also resting neatly against the side so that it doesn't get in the way. Of course, you can also keep it closed as well with its magnet connector which is compatible to work even when plastic bag is in place.

  1. Adjustable Straps and Mounting Options

The Drive Bin™ XL comes with long-length adjustable straps that gives you the option of hanging it virtually anywhere in your vehicle. Plus, an included velcro set offers additional ways for you to mount it. For example, if you want to secure the Drive Bin™ XL in a more permanent vertical position, the included velcro set will come in handy so that it firms up against your car console or side wall!

  1. Waterproof and Leakproof 

No one wants to deal with messy, hard-to-clean-up spills, which is why the Drive Bin™ XL is waterproof and has insulated interior lining that will prevent any leaks or spills from occurring. And if the Drive Bin™ XL does happen to get wet, its quick-dry polyurethane layer means that you can easily wipe it clean or rinse it out if you need to.

  1. Your Own Roadie Cooler

Because of its waterproof and thermal features, the Drive Bin™ XL can also act as a roadie cooler. Store your food and/or drinks in it without having to worry about a mess, while they stay cool or warm.


The Drive Bin™ XL has been built to last and is the result of a design that has been meticulously perfected for over 4 years now. You can find it at https://driveautoproducts.com/products/the-drive-bin-xl.


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